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Welcome everyone, I hope to inspire you and share some of my papercraft work. You can find out where I teach and what I am up to, what inspires me and what I am working on next. I love to share new ideas and neat ways of adding creativity to your pages or cards etc

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Star that is what you are

Here is a page I really was happy about, did'nt start out that way, you know how you begin to not like the page you are working on and all of a sudden it comes together and you love it. This page is one of those and neat because I could have left off a lot of the little things (eyelets string and the brads) and the page design would still work. But I do love putting these things in, as they add so much texture to a page, I like to entice people to touch the page and to puzzle at where the photo ends or begins, blurring the line of photo and layout. kind a like the photo belongs there, and is part of the layout. I also like to add lots of little things that you may miss when you first look, but later pick up, and think gee I didnt notice that before...these means a page is worth looking at more than once..which is what we all like...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

gothic card

I love the spellbinders Cross collection, it is an oldie but a goodie, however it can
be hard to use them as much as you might like to. I mean how often do we do a christening card?
So I wanted to make a card that had a gothic feel so the use of an ornate cross would not look out of place.
I have used the impressabilites to emboss the whole card, and labels to cut the ornate card shape. I love to brush the embossed cross with rich gold paint too, it gives it an old look ...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

paper towel flowers

hi everyone I have a heavy work load this month, but as I enjoy my work it should not be too much trouble to get every thing done.
This week I have a page done for the Design Team of my Great Grandmother, here I have used the Spellbinders Rose Creations again, but cut the flowers out of Paper towel,,,that is right! it is so soft and wispy. I have layered them on a split pin and scrunched them, but I have also added a spritz of glimmer mist to colour them. they are really fun so give them a go. Also I have added some stitching here and a lovely cameo trinket which I have pleated soft tulle around.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Down under inspiration card

hi everyone , here is another card I have done for the down under blog...it is a pocket or sleeve with a tag enclosed. I love making the little embellishment, it is just 3 circles cut of each size 6 in total, then I fringe the circles(a little tedious but not much) ink the edges if you like, then poke a hole in the centre and thread them all on to a brad. I like to cover the brad with lovely ornate button. I am lucky as I have a huge jar of these gold and silver buttons, courtesy of my grandmother. I have also used the nested pennet spellbinder dies, they really are more useful than you would think, keep an eye out for christmas in july ideas...