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Welcome everyone, I hope to inspire you and share some of my papercraft work. You can find out where I teach and what I am up to, what inspires me and what I am working on next. I love to share new ideas and neat ways of adding creativity to your pages or cards etc

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

christmas elf

We are really and truly in the swing of Christmas by now, all of my children turn into elves overnight and become really interested in putting up the decorations and lights, I don't know if it is the promise of presents soon, or that they are just used to it, but they do help, not for long mind you, each has their own thing they like to do, and attentions spans are not the best. One tradition they have is to watch Santa Clause 1 , 2 and 3 to put us in the spirit of Christmas, I must say it works for me.

My page this week is using the Spellbinders poinsettia Die, to create lots of layered flowers. I have used lots of glimmer mist and pearlescent medium with traditional red and green colours. I put up most of our decorations, and this year I will photograph some of them and post them on the blog over christmas, this will be a rest from doing paper craft, I hope lol. It seems lately I have heaps to do and it keeps coming.

Friday, November 18, 2011

christmas banner

I just love this project, it is actually longer and says Merry Christmas but I could fit it in the photo, and I am going to hang it up at Christmas time. I have used the Spellbinders pennants and lacey pennants dies, they may not be your first choice to buy, but they have really proved very versatile. I know many of my students are going to make this with names on them for their friends and nieces etc for a gift, such a lovely idea for a quick gift any time of year.
I have backed my patterned paper with thin chip board, cereal boxes are ideal as they are not too thick, but support the paper so it will last much longer and not bend or crumple. I also have the chip letters on both sides, but you could have them on only one if you were hanging it against the wall. In my sample I have used scrap patterned papers, but you could buy colours that suit the person you are giving it to if you want to. I will be teaching this as one of my last classes at Paper Trenz, and it is almost booked out.

Friday, November 11, 2011

santa's helpers

This week I have made heaps of headway in my christmas plans, little things like buying paper plates and serviettes, I like to get the boring stuff done and out of the way, so I can work on the fun stuff, as christmas comes closer.

This page for Down Under Inspirations, uses just blue and white cardstock, and some of the really neat snowflake dies, I admit I am addicted to snowflake dies and punches, I have just about all of them, there is something about their unique shape that I love. Shame we don't have them here, snow that is not the dies lol. I have used a black and white photo, it is a little trick to remember, if your photo does not match or sit well with the colours you want to use, just get it printed in black and white or sepia. I like this one because, once the colour is gone, you notice the spots of light and bling better! Another thing I have done in this layout is sand the edges of the photo, which a lot of people do, but I like to sand it on concrete (that's right) the pebble concrete on our driveway gives a flaky spotted effect on the edges just like snow. It is the same principle as rubbings. Just place the photo on the concrete and gently sand the edge, move it around if you want more white flaky bits!
Well I am off to do a class, and yet more christmas preparations.

Friday, November 4, 2011

snow globe

With christmas coming I have heaps to do, I always plan to do a lot and start early, but somehow, end up worried that I wont get everything done, but I always do. Christmas at our house is a big thing with 7 trees and the main living area's fully decorated. My kids love it and so do I.
This is a Snow Globe that I am teaching at Stamp and Scrapbookmadness, it is a Greg Sudenko concept that I have altered, I love the angels and the trees are 3 d made from circles that have been scored and scrunched. And of course lots of snow.