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Welcome everyone, I hope to inspire you and share some of my papercraft work. You can find out where I teach and what I am up to, what inspires me and what I am working on next. I love to share new ideas and neat ways of adding creativity to your pages or cards etc

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Friday, February 24, 2012


I have made this little trinket box with Spellbinders Rose Creations, as usual, I am sure I am addicted to them, this time I have used the new Bling-abilities. check out the Down Under Inspirations blog on the side, basically they are iron on bling, already arranged to fit your spellbinders, so easy and tidy, and the little glass stones are so brilliant. Much better than the dull plastic ones. What I really like on this flower, is the micro beads, I have very carefully swiped dimensional magic over the tops of the petals and drenched the flower in clear micro beads, then shake off the excess (save) and the beads are left clinging to the dimensional magic, it looks like dew drops, and so shiny and sparkly...matches the bling so well just finished a class at Print Blocks yesterday, and it was wonderful to teach so many talented and engaged ladies, a big hi to you all and thanks, will see you again soon. mean while I keep pluggin away on the magazine, working on issue 15 at the moment and issue 14 is due out very soon. I might be baised, but I think it looks great, with a lovely yellow layout on the cover, thanks Geli!!lol


  1. This is a beautiful trinket box and that flower on top in Divine!! Thanks for the tip about the iron on bling!! : )

  2. Great for that special gift,love the micro beads idea Sue, so pretty.