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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Couture Creations Sue Smyth

Christmas Carousel 
by Sue Smyth 

I know it is another carousel, but I do love the shape and 
idea of carousels and Couture Creations have gorgeous
dies that make making something this 
intricate so much easier. If you dont 
have the right die, look closely at what you
do have and see if it can be adapted,

This is designed for Christmas and is so much smaller than
my last one. You can pop sweets in the bottom and
give as a cute gift, if you can bear to part with it.

I have placed the whole thing on a decorated 
ribbon spool to give it some height 

If you want to have a go at making this 
I have a mini tutorial below.

Cut 8 horses, and glue 2 of  them together to make four 
sturdy horses. Being die cut they will glue together precisely.
Ink edges with red or pink ink and 
cover with Dimensional magic and sprinkle with white glitter.
Do both sides and allow to dry. 

Dry brush 4 striped straws with gesso, allow to dry, then
spray or smear with glue and sprinkle over white glitter. Allow to dry.

Decorate a flat ribbon spool with cardstock and 
die cut Scallops of white cardstock. and pearls 

Die cut just the top of Gate twice to use on the top of the Carousel

Die cut fence and adhere on top of carousel

Top Tip
To attach the horses on the poles, pierce the top of ribbon 
spool at North, South East and West.
Adhere a wooden tooth pick into each hole.
Then fill the bottom of the straw with
glue and place over tooth pick. This 
makes a stable bond for the straws.

Top Tip 
To attach fence easily, die cut a smaller plain 
circle of green and attach to ribbon spool base
with 3 D foam tape. 
This will give an edge to adhere the fence to with glue.

Cover a thin wooden dowel with red glitter cardstock and 
pierce a hole into the ribbbon spool large enough to 
insert the dowel. Glue in place 

Trim the tops of the gate. Cut a scalloped circle from
white cardstock and a smaller plain circle from green cardstock.
Adhere together with 3 D foam tape to give a 
nice edge to adhere the lace gate top to.

Now cut 6 kite shapes from Vintage Rose Garden papers
and fold at the top as pictured. 

Adhere kite shapes together with wide double sided tape, there 
is no need to peel the backing off the tape.

Form a pointed cone shape for the roof, fold back
the small triangle flap and attach to the top of the 
roof with 3 D foam tape.

Cut 12 small kite shapes from red cardstock, fold at the top 

Attach the red flags to the roof top as pictured.

Decorate top with a flag, cut a 1 cm strip of white cardstock, and 
fold over a bamboo skewer, trim off a V shape at one 
end and stamp or write a christmasy word on flag.
Adhere to top of roof.

Decorate roof as desired, I have used 
Red Gemstones and Red glitter paper.
Decorate bottom of Carousel with pearls and red bunting 
and adhere both together with hot glue.

Couture Creations Materials 

Happy Crafting All 

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  1. Beautiful Merry go round. Wonderful to meet you last Sat. Have been playing with glitter ever since.