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Saturday, July 18, 2009

kaiser family tree OTP

i have just finished the kaiser family tree off the page project, it is sooo lovely and i am really happy with the result. having designed a tree like this earlier this year i can relate to the problems they have faced in designing it, i and i like their version. you can decorate the back of the tree, and add more hooks for extra family if you like, you can also just use the frame of the tree and not the backing wood, this way you could hang the cameo's off the branches with ribbon instead of the hooks. i can see lots of ways to use this project and will be teaching this project at Paper trenz in wynnum this month. what a lovely gift for an elderly relative or for a new born child with extra hooks for future brothers and sisters. hope you all agree it is a lovely project.

i have done up the bird house too, but i will keep this idea for christmas time...cheers sue

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