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Welcome everyone, I hope to inspire you and share some of my papercraft work. You can find out where I teach and what I am up to, what inspires me and what I am working on next. I love to share new ideas and neat ways of adding creativity to your pages or cards etc

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

paper trenz classes

all these we be classes at paper trenz

I hope everyone had a great christmas, I know I did, and after christmas a long rest. It has been quiet with classes and at the shop, probably due to the dreadful floods and the awful start to the year for so many people.

but i can feel the optimism returning both in clasess and at the shop. I will be finishing at Craft a lot on 25 march, as it is closing its shop front. online store stays open. but i will not be doing classes there any more obviously..

i will let you know if I start else where, mean time a group of us will do some work shops at home in my space!! I shall add a few pics of work i have been doing.

particulary the cuckoo clock which is not my idea as it came from a magazine article that a friend gave me, as it was so wet after christmas it was just the thing to occupy me while in side and on holidays .

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  1. Hi Sue, have enjoyed scrolling through your beautiful blog,love all the detail on your craft, cards, and layouts.Will pop in from time to time Cheers.