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Friday, February 22, 2013

Easter treats

With Easter coming up it is always time to do a little decoration, I used these really cute houses from Craft Concepts (call print blocks for a list of suppliers). Made of wood they are small and neat to decorate quickly, here I have used glitter and flocking. I don't think folks think of glitter as an all over surface much, it can be so versatile if you stop thinking of it as a highlighting embellishment and instead think of it as a medium. The same goes with flocking, my little brown bunny is covered in caramel flocking. Just a tip, pass the flocking through a sieve if it is lumpy, you will get a much better look. Flocking does goes lumpy over time, and really needs to be fluffed up before use. My little bunnies are the Tim Holtz movers & shapers mini bunny, you could use those fluffy chenille chicks instead if you cannot find the die. Also my little birds nest is simply some florists wood fibre, rolled into a nest shape, spritzed with glimmer mist and two cotton buds sprayed and glued in place as eggs( snip off the stick first). You can also see I have spritzed over the glitter, this helps make not so sparkly, it works much better as a surface for ordinary projects if it is not so bright and glittery. Seems odd I know, but if you take away the shine you are left with the texture, and I love that.


  1. So so cute and amazing are your Easter Treasures, love the little rabbits and eggs/nest. Wonderful work :)

  2. So cute, really look fabulous and can see them sitting on a table as a decoration for Easter (which is not that far away now)!