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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lindys Stamp Gang and Imaginarium blog hop

Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog hop
by Sue Smyth 
The Lovely soft colours of spray mists just lend themselves to girly pages. I wanted to 
play with pleated paper this year, so this is my first layout with that in mind.

Using a softly patterned paper as a base, I have used texture paste to 
create more detail and texture in my background. When dry, brush over 
with gesso and spray Lindy's stamp gang mists over top. 
I have used Gag me with a spoon grey, across the top.
And Shabby Turbine teal at the bottom,
 with a little Sweet Violet purple teal around the middle.

One other thing I have done here is spray the surface with a 
paper lacquer spray such as Krystal Kote
 and sprinkled with a coarse round white glitter.
Then I  have sprayed the surface again.
this creates an awesome circular pattern. Each
tiny piece of glitter has a kind a halo effect around it.
You can just see it on the right below. 

To alter the chip, I have used Desert Mean Turquoise Embossing powder. I found
it better if you added a undercoat of white gesso to get a true colour.
You can see the Cosmic pink blue has gone a little purple because 
I did not paint the chipboard first.

I have painted the butterflies with white gesso and applied Cosmic pink blue
embossing powder, while still hot I have sprinkle
over a little white glitter for sparkle.

Handy hint..apply several coats of embossing powder for a full glossy look.

Imaginarium Chipboard Used

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