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Monday, March 7, 2016

Couture Creations 1

Wedding Keepsake 
By Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers
Today I am sharing a special project, using the beautiful
Magnolia Lane Resin frames.
I was inspired by their gorgeous pearly lustre and 
decided to make a Wedding or Baby keepsake box in the 
same pearl white colour

To crown the box, I have added 5 Magnolia flowers
I have literally painted them with pearl paint to make 
them look almost like porcelain.

The box opens up to, reveal space to put your 
keepsakes and also to decorate. I have used some of the panels
from Magnolia Lane pretty patches.

To cover the base I have embossed white cardstock
with Petite &Tied Together emboss folder.
And on every intersection on the folder I have 
placed a 3mm white pearl. 

The top, has a frame that is altered with gesso 
and pearl paint, see below for a tutorial on 
how to.

The large pearl resins, look similar to an ornate
key plate. so I have placed one on the front.
I have added a painted key hole shape to 
make it more convincing. 

On each of the corners, I have added 
4 resin corner frames, and joined
them with a strip of pearls.

Here is a close up of the pearls and the embossing on the
folder, you can see I have added Magnolia Lane
lace, a strip of pearls and then at each join
a 3 mm pearl. My tip is to glue each pearl 
with extra glue, so it is sturdy and 
will not come off with handling. I 
use the pointed Couture Creations tool
to remove each pearl from the acetate it comes on, then
place it on a dot of glue.

Step 1
Paint an MDF box with white gesso, and then
paint over white pearl paint, around the 
edges and corners.

Step 2
Emboss white cardstock with Petite &Tied together
 embossing folder, trim to fit
and adhere to the sides. Layer over White 
Magnolia Lane lace.
Adhere with wide double sided tape, then 
sprinkle with white glitter.
The glitter will stop the sticky tape feeling
when touching the lace on the box, and 
adds sparkle !

Step 3
Adhere the elegant lady patch to the top of 
the box, I have used gel medium here.
But you could use any good quality glue.
If you wanted to, you could finish this project here, 
but I am going to layer over top of our elegant lady, 
such a shame really !

Step 4
Add another elegant lady inside the lid, and the
Time Goes By patch. I have adhered the
patch to a scrap of white cardstock to make
it sturdy and sit better on the side panel.
Dry brush the edges with pearl paint again,
to edge and frame them.

Step 5
Now for the chipboard frame, paint with
gesso, and dry. Then paint with gesso 
again only this time thickly with a 
foam brush using a stipple motion. Dry with
heat gun so it blisters and bubbles.
Repeat this step until you
are happy with the bumpy texture 
of the frame.
Then paint with pearl paint.

Step 6
Adhere frame, again you could finish the project here, as
this looks wonderful too.

Step 7
Gather White Magnolia Lane lace and use 
hot glue to adhere down inside the frame.

Step 8
Paint 5 of the Magnolia Lane
paper flowers with a small brush and Pearl paint.
When dry, snip off stems and adhere over 
pleated lace with hot glue. Tuck
in some white fibre too if desired.

To finish, add large pearls to the bottom for some
sturdy legs

Ultimate Crafts products

C0724633 Couture Creations Snow White 3 mm pearls 

Happy Crafting !

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