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Friday, June 3, 2016

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Nautical Bell Jar
by Sue Smyth

Hi Bloggers, today I am sharing a little Father's
day project using Sea Breeze papers and trinkets.

This little bell jar is made from a squat storage jar, that 
can be found in cheap shops, you just have to look around 
for something with enough room, I wanted to make lots of
these so had to find a jar I could buy multiple of, and it had
to be plastic so it would not break.

On the top I have used a plastic door knob with
layers of die cut circles, decorate with the 
string netting, trinkets and fibres.

For the bottom I have decorated 3 thread spools
by wrapping patterned paper around them.

For the base I have layered up die cut circles of 
white and patterned paper, using 3 D foam tape
to achieve a good height.

Dab white gesso around the top and bottom of jar
with a foam brush.

Decorate the top, I had a door knob that had a screw so I pierced
a hole through the top and layers of die cuts.
But you may just have a large bead or one without, in that
case just hot glue the knob to the top and decorate.

Trim out 2 light houses, and colour with copics or any
alcohol pens, adhere light houses back to back, leaving the 
base un-glued so that it can perch over the scrunched 
paper base.

The base is simply scrunched paper, wet paper and scrunch it, 
unfurl and dry. Then tear so it fits the top of the 
scalloped die cut. Secure in place with
hot glue and decorate with pearls, muslin and art stones as desired.

Wrap paper around thread spools, and dry brush with 
gesso, then adhere to the base of the bell jar with hot glue.

Happy Crafting

Couture Creations products used

C0723040 Craft Concepts Nested Circles Dies
C0723041 Craft Concepts Scalloped Circles Dies 

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