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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Imaginarium for October

Happy Halloween Hat and Gorgeous Gold 
By Sue Smyth 

Halloween is always a fun time to decorate
 and make something unique and arty to keep.
You may have seen my altered Gothic books, this
time I wanted to do something to match them.
A 3 D witches hat to match seemed a great choice!

I have decorated a small witches hat before, but it is amazing
how as your skills improve,products grow, and your tastes 
change the different look you will get.

To save time, most of the chipboard is sprayed with 
matt black spray paint.

I then rubbed gold metallic paint over a lot of it
and used it to decorate the front of the hat. I have
added in a skeleton like my book, with wings and feathers around him.

For the peacock feather I have used 3 colours of liquid pearls,
Blue,purple and green, to colour the black
chipboard feather to give dimension and shine.
The other feathers are just dipped in black glitter after they 
are coated with dimensional magic.

Here is a mini tutorial on how to alter the hat base.

Spray paint the hat black for a good base to work from,
Apply strips of tissue paper over the hat with gel medium.
Make sure to pleat and scrunch the tissue to give a
great texture. 

When dry, paint thoroughly with purple paint.

When dry paint with black gesso, this time paint roughly
so that some of the delicious purple shows through!

Use a brush to apply Inka gold graphite paint, all over the hat 

Then use a brush to apply turquoise or lime green glittery paint.

Then apply metallic gold paint over top of that to give 
a rich depth of colour.

Here you can see all of the colours showing through. I have then sprayed
the whole hat with gold glitter spray.

Then to start building the decoration, I have used the wrought

And added a border to the back, to attach further decorations to.
To bend the border, dampen a little with water and bend
with your fingers, then allow to dry in shape.

Gorgeous Gold Layout 
The next project I have for you is a gorgeous layout featuring 
gold foil board.
This is a sheet of 12 x 12 gold foil that I could not
resist using as my base.

My flowers are just old fluted ones I found on a hat with 
lovely textured centers. Of course
I have altered, sprayed and painted with gold paint to 

I have kept the colour palette limited, only adding red so the main star is the 
gold background  

Rub over the chipboard with red Inka Gold,
I have added this also, to some black and 
cream fussy cut butterflies. Also double emboss
the leaves with gold embossing powder for a polished look.

After rubbing over the gold paint (see tutorial below)
highlight areas with red and copper inka gold.
Blend together with your finger tip.

A small photo, die cut will fit nicely into the centre
of the clock. I have also sanded the edges 
for a rustic look.

One simple word is all you need for a title, paint with
matt black spray paint.

This is another photo of the layout without so 
much of the reflection, You will notice that 
I have added a few mica shards around the top of the layout
for added glimmer and interest.

Place foil board on some concrete and press down 
with your hands to create a lumpy pitted surface.
Sand edges and over the surface a little too.

Adhere selected chipboard to the foil board with
gel medium, allow to dry.

Paint entire surface with black gesso, allow to partially dry.

Rub off excess with a wet wipe, apply more
pressure in areas that are stubborn

Spritz with a gold glimmer mist, partially dry
and rub off excess over the foil area.
Then rub over with gold metallic paint and 
decorate as above.

A sweet Christmas treat. 
I have used the mini bird cage to make a mini Christmas decoration.
Spray with matt black spray paint,
 Dampen the top of each cage and bend into shape.

Adhere around a resin frame or piece of black chipboard
that matches the size. 
Tie the top eyelets together.
Rub over with gold paint
Decorate with trinkets, pearls, and rhinestones.
Chipboard used 

Happy Crafting 

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  1. Sue you have been extremely creative. I cant express how much I love your hat. The texture, the colors...gosh..it's awesome !! And your gold foil layout... Waw.. Fabulous project. The mini birdhouse is so adorable. I'm impressed with how you collected the four sides.. And the small Christmas treat is so cute as well.
    Thank you for sharing all these lovely art pieces. It was very inspirational to read how you created them.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain