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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bonus Post 

I recently made some pretty gesso brushes 
for a class and everybody loved 
them so much and they 
wanted to find out how I made them.
So I will share my secret shhhhh.

Let's face it we are girls and we like pretty things!
I love pretty things, and sometimes get
frustrated that we cannot find tools and storage
that looks nice too. 

So today I will share with you
a little thing I do to fix that !

I  basically decoupage my own mixed media tools
Here are some palette knives and big 
brushes, but you can basically do anything 

 I thought 
you all would like to know how to do this too.

Step 1
Trim out a piece of ordinary patterned wrapping paper
to fit the handle of your tool, and spritz with water.

Step 2
Apply gel medium to the handle and layer
over top the paper.

Step 3
Snip the edges of the paper around the 

Step 4
Apply more gel medium as 
needed so you can fold up the 
tabs on the side with a good firm bond.

Step 5
Fold over tabs,wrapping around the handle.
Dont worry if they over lap, just
apply gel medium to make the paper stick to each other

Step 6
When you come to the end, do your best, overlapping the 
awkward tabs and applying gel medium.

Step 7
Snip off excess for a smooth end.

Step 8
If you have a hole in the handle you can either
leave it covered if you like. Or 
you can insert a skewer into the hole
to remove the paper,and pop over
a large eyelet.

Step 9
Cover the entire handle with Dimensional magic, 
covering the eyelet too. Prop up on 
the edge of a jar to dry.

And as long as you dont immerse the handle in water 
for long periods of time they will last 
as long as you like

Happy Crafting 
Sue Smyth

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