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Monday, February 23, 2015

Easter treats 1

Quick Easter Treats 
By Sue Smyth 

Hi Bloggers
I thought I would share a little Easter treat today. This
is a little thing I have done for years
at Easter time. 
These little eggs are stryo foam and I have decorated
them with ordinary pins, seed beads and sequins. 

I like to work around the middle of the egg first and then fill in 
each side with rows of different colours.
But you could easily just do a random pattern, a great way 
for the kids to do them.
If you want to make the pin stay in forever, just
dip it in a little PVA glue before inserting
into the foam egg.

You can make them any size you like, large or small
I am sure anyone who gets one of these 
for Easter will be just as happy 
as they would getting a chocolate one!

Happy Crafting 

Sue Smyth 

1 comment:

  1. They look really pretty.. and less calories than a choccy egg!